Tuesday, January 19, 2016

8K Express - Short Story Published

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Punch and a 'Punch' Card

Was waiting outside the The Dosa Brothers on 2nd & Market on a beautiful day. The wait time was around 15 minutes. Enough time for a ginger chai. All was good. Out of nowhere, a random lady was walking towards the crowd waiting eagerly for their Dosas. She was yelling explitieves and stormed towards a lady talking on her phone and BOOM - Punches her right on her nose and vanishes in a lightening speed.  The rest of the crowd including me was busy on our phones, saving the world, so it took us about 5 seconds to know what happened. The poor lady was shaking and still in shock about what happened. One by one people started to console her and gave her a second to realize what happened. She got dozen hugs from random people all around, all of us apologized for what had happened to her and for the fact that we could not be of any help. A lady even advised her to go talk to her Doctor to make sure this incident does not haunt her in the future. The Dosa lady felt so sorry for her and gave her a free Chai and (ironically) a ‘punch' card coupon for a free Dosa worth $12 and more importantly topped it with a priceless hug and a sorry.

Made me realize that for every single crazy person out there, San Fran balances herself with a dozen kind hearted ones. Good > Crazy.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Vacation Geolocation

"Ganga, lets not get carried away by this.  We are going to India for just 3 weeks.  I have equally split the times between your house and my house.  We stay at my place for 15 days and we stay at yours for 10 days.  It sounds totally fair and lets not make this a big deal considering we have stayed in the US for gazillion years without a vacation." 

"Very funny Gowtham.  I am not staying less than 15 days at my place in Delhi.  There is no room for further negotiation on this.  I am going there after 2 years, so it better be worth it.  I have already made plans with Tina, Meena and Ranchal.  And by the way, why do you want spend more time at your place?  You are just going to sit there and watch TV for eternity.  Which is exactly what you do over here too.  Why do you even bother traveling 7000 miles for it?" 

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"You will never get it Ganga.  It is a different feel. You have to experience to love them.  How do I explain to you? Its like having a gol gappa at an restaurant innovatively named as ‘Taj Mahal’ in Chicago vs having it by the streets at Connaught place.  It is like listening to Sunidhi Chouhan vs. Shreya Goshal.  You know what I mean?"

"Great.  I don’t remember you showing so much feeling and emotion towards me in all these years.  Keep your food analogies to yourself, and don’t try too hard referencing something from the north.  Stick to your Idly/Sambaar and Rajnikanth."

"Ok, back to our topic.  I said 15 days at my place because clearly I have a mathematical advantage over it.  8 Athais, 12 Perippas, 5 Chittis, and 3 Mamas.  Each gets a visit for 30 minutes plus we have 9 Temples to cover.  So if you do the math, we actually need 18 days.  I am being gracious in saying we need just 15 days out of 25 days of our trip."

"As if I am the single person on my entire family.  What about all my mami s family who you have successfully skipped in all our previous trips?  We also have to go to our 3rd cousin's 4th sister marriage.  I cannot miss that.  There is also Kullu Manali on my mind as well.  So be a little practical."

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"Sorry Ganga, this is not possible.  Either we spend 15 days at ours and 10 days at yours or we are not going at all.  I am serious this time.  Forget the trip."

"I have called your bluff before and will call it again.  The answer is no.  We are staying 15 days at mine and 10 in yours.  Done.  Lets move on."

"No Ganga.  I said No.  Lets cancel it.  Lets cancel it.  Lets not go at all."

"Gowtam…Gowtam…wake up.  What are you yelling about?  Its 6AM.  Go get the milk from outside.  I have to get Prinyanka ready for school."

Goutam slowly realized that he was dreaming about how things went there back in the US. He was thinking about how things have changed as he reached outside the gate in his Mumbai flat to grab milk.  Everything has changed, except Priyanka’s half-yearly vacations were due in a month - and the same conversation about Geolocating their vacation was due - this time the fight will be three ways!