Monday, October 12, 2015

A Punch and a 'Punch' Card

Was waiting outside the The Dosa Brothers on 2nd & Market on a beautiful day. The wait time was around 15 minutes. Enough time for a ginger chai. All was good. Out of nowhere, a random lady was walking towards the crowd waiting eagerly for their Dosas. She was yelling explitieves and stormed towards a lady talking on her phone and BOOM - Punches her right on her nose and vanishes in a lightening speed.  The rest of the crowd including me was busy on our phones, saving the world, so it took us about 5 seconds to know what happened. The poor lady was shaking and still in shock about what happened. One by one people started to console her and gave her a second to realize what happened. She got dozen hugs from random people all around, all of us apologized for what had happened to her and for the fact that we could not be of any help. A lady even advised her to go talk to her Doctor to make sure this incident does not haunt her in the future. The Dosa lady felt so sorry for her and gave her a free Chai and (ironically) a ‘punch' card coupon for a free Dosa worth $12 and more importantly topped it with a priceless hug and a sorry.

Made me realize that for every single crazy person out there, San Fran balances herself with a dozen kind hearted ones. Good > Crazy.
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