Sunday, March 05, 2006

Udaintha Pinnadi -- The Origional Tamil BROKE BACK

And the Oscar Goes To ..........Udaintha Pinnadi -- The Origional Tamil BROKE BACK

In 1963, with work scarce in Thenkasi pattanam, two jobbing farmhands, Kandasami (Sarath) and Munnusami (Neppolian), are hired to tend sheep on a remote mountain. Over the next few months a bond develops between the two cow-pokes that develops into a sexual relationship. When the job ends, the attraction remains and although they meet and marry two women, the men convene a couple of times a year to revisit their experiences on Brokeback. Even though they shifted cities and live with a fake identity (They now call themselves Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist) , their love remains unchanged.
Before-In a remote Tamil Village

After-In a remote american village


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