Friday, January 25, 2008

Michael Madhana Kama Rajan

Michael Madhana Kama Rajan
It has been a looong two semesters for Michael, Madhan, Kameshwaran and Raj here in the ‘University of Sucks ass’, which was ranked 195 in the top 100 universities in the south east America. They were all set for taking a break and fly back to Chennai, their home town. Everyone knew Kameshwaran would nail it and the other guys were just hoping to be seated next to him during the finals. Bindhu, their 28 year old neighbor, was one of the ‘Sumaar looking’ females in the Desi apartment complex that MMKR lived in. Raj, was the lover boy among the four and had the best chance of scoring and Kameshwaran the least.
As a standard they all decided to take two check-in bags for their trip to Chennai. They would have never realized that each one of them would have to give away one whole suitcase for the greedy Bindhu – who would eventually trick them all. Bindhu, like a lioness, picked the perfect timing in attacking each of the cows in isolation. She would walk into MMKR’s apartment (They shared a 4 bedroom) when Kamehswaran was alone and would sweet talk him into taking a load of shit to be given to her father, mother, uncle, neighbor, local sub-inspector, watch man and her dog. A Bit Background on Bindhu – She has been out of Chennai for years together now, as getting A’s and B’s was not her thing. She had now switched 8 departments from Information technology to Indian tribal studies, but nothing worked out. She is hanging on to her student visa, and she knows that the INS would not be too happy to let her in once she steps out of the US main land. Back to our story, no other girl had talked more than 5 minutes straight to Kameshwaran, and he was way too happy to dedicate one whole suitcase and fill them up with Bindhu’s goods. The same thing would happen to Michael, Madhan and Raj and no one would know about each others situation. They were all packed with 8 check-in baggage, out of which, 4 now belongs to Bidhu! They all had a sense of pride and threw a sarcastic smile at each other. ‘What a bunch of loosers! When are they going to realize that I have outscored them in scoring Bindhu’ – is what everyone thought about the rest of the three before they departed. Bindhu called everyone privately on their cell phone and went through a check list to make sure they had everything that she gave.
It would be 3 days and 12 stops before they could finally reach Chennai (They were running on a student budget and $750 was all they could afford for that trip!) Bindhu had set a dead line for each one of them for delivery of their packages. They all landed midnight on a Sunday. The next day, Kameshwaran woke up around 5 AM, took a shower, did his sandhiya vandhanam, said to his parents that he has to meet a friend in Nungambakkam, filled up gas on his TVS 50 and was accelerating at an incredible speed of 50 km/hour to reach Bindhu’s house. At her house, the dog would not let him in and he stood there at the gate for 15 minutes, before her Mom would open the door for him. Her Mom grabbed the suitcase, which she knew was for her (and for the whole street, basically) and started going through the foreign crap. Kameshwaran had to caugh twice to get her attention, and then she would offer him a coffee. Her dad walked in and started asking how US was and how ‘people’ live there and stuff. Kameshwaran went crazy and thought ‘Guys..Are you not going to ask about how your daughter is even for once?’ Raj would go one step ahead and would even skip his Brother’s reception to deliver the goods to Bindhu’s house. Michael and Madhan followed the next day at 9 AM and 1 PM respectively. Bindhu was good in logistics planning, and was smart enough to distribute the FedEx delivery time across 2 days, so there would be no clash.
3 weeks over and they are in the flight back to their school. A small fight broke up between the four, as to who gets the isle seat. The one who gets it would get the chance to be closer to the hot air hostess, who for some reason would not stop walking back and fourth throughout the flight. Raj got the place, and Madhan was pissed and spilled the secret. “Go ahead and sit it the isle dude…but you were not the 'chosen one' by Bindhu..I win..sucker!”. All the three turned their attention to Madhan and went ‘What? What the hell are you talking about’? Madhan, with a sense of pride explained about how Bindhu met him in Private and ‘trusted’ him in delivering ‘Important’ stuff to her family. They were just devastated to hear about each one of their story and they would laugh at each other about how they were tricked by the lady, the entire flight back.
They landed in the airport and some of their seniors were ready to pick MMKR up. On their way back to school, one of their seniors said ‘You guys were lucky that you got to take only your personal stuff. Bindhu made us took a suitcase full of shit last year!’ This made MMKR realize that they were not the First Generation Loosers!!

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