Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Angry Vijay!

The Angry Vijay!

Update - All the videos have been removed due to 'terms of use violation'.  Not sure who violated what, but Vijay, we have all seen this video atleast once and have a local copy in our hard drives ;)

If you have searched for 'Vijay Angry' in Google, then you are not alone.  This seems to be the most searched keyword atleast for the Kollywood followers for the past two days.

So, what really happend?  

1.  Vijay attends a press meet and the following happens -

 2.  When asked for an explanation, he had the following to say - 

3.  'Mr.Vijay, we have never seen you let it out like this.  This is so not you.  What happened?'  And Vijay pointed out this person in the following video was testing his limits with his questions.  We hear you Vijay...We hear you!

4. Silence!...
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