Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From Gandhi ji to 2G!

From Gandhi ji to 2G!
Anna Hazarre was dragged into Tihar and was shown his cell by the mighty Delhi police.

He finds a man wandering around the cell with his cell phone “Hello, Helooo….seriya kekala, I can’t hear you…bloody cell phone towers”
He threw his phone in a corner and turned back to notice that he got a new cell mate. “Hello saaar. I am Raja, you must have seen me on TV lately. Who are you and what brings you to Tihar at this age?”
“ Lokpal brought me here”, said Anna calmly.
“ Who is Lokpal? I have a friend named Dhanabaal, but never heard of Lokpal. Is he a Tamilian as well? Let me Google that on my 2G iPhone”. Raja’s phone did not work, as usual. “Why don’t you tell that yourself, Saaar. BTW, I did not get your name”
“My name is Anna. I wanted the Government to pass the Lokpal bill to implement anti-corruption law in India. This way we can keep a check on the increasing corruption index in our country. I planned to fast till the government accepts to discuss the bill, but they feared a national outrage and did not allow me to sit in the park to fast with my fellow supporters. I am surprised that you have never heard about that, Raja”
“That is a fantastic idea, Anna. Wonder why people are against that bill. So this is the law which governs all the Government officers and peunes, yes? There needs to be a check on those people collecting Rs.50 and Rs.100 for their regular work. I fully support you, Anna ji”
“Yes, it does and also includes all the way up to the Prime Minister of our country”
“What?? Noooo. You mean Manmohan ji will also be under this law? Eih Buddhe, what are you talking about? Sonia ji supersedes any law in this country”
“No, son. That is the whole point of this bill. There needs to a supreme body governing our system. We need to at least start thinking about how to fix it. I am not expecting a change in the next year or two, but it is just the beginning. Every big change starts as a small movement, and I am confident that this bill will see the light someday. When I see thousands of young men and women on the streets showing their support, it just gives me hope to continue fighting for this cause at this age. Think about how far our country can grow if we get the corruption under control to a reasonable level. Just think about it son. At your age, I started a small reform in my village and slowly it grew into a model village for our country on how to be sustainable and leads our country in environmental conservation”
“Raja….He is brainwashing you. Don’t fall for it” screamed a voice from the next cell. Raja recognized and immediately responded back, “Don’t worry Kalmadi, I got this”.
“Anna, don’t play with my mind with your Gandhian ideologies. We as a country have moved far, far away from that type of thinking. Gandhiji is so 1940 s. It is 2G in this 21st Century! Kalmadi, I need to shift my cell. Let me be your cell mate, bro. Let’s discuss about our prospects in future cabinets”


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