Monday, September 22, 2014

Chapter 13 - Been there, Done that!

Team - Wings of Change

Context - Blogadda is conducting a contest (Game of Blogs) where it choses 10 random bloggers per team to write fiction based on 5 character description it provided. Each blogger has to continue the story from where the previous team member left off.

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Cyrus was updating his blog post on his mobile phone sitting on the hospital bed.  

“How are you feeling now?” asked hid doc slowly entering his room.

“Feeling a lot better Doc.  So tell me, was I in a pretty bad state when I came in?”

“Oh, you were almost dead.  I am still surprised that we are having this conversation right now!” 

“I owe my life to you doctor.  Thanks for taking care of me”

“You have to thank another gentelman who admitted you here.  He was beside you all night and just went this early morning to his home and should be back here soon” 

“How is everyone doing in this room on this bright Thursday morning” greeted Shekar entering the hospital room.  

“oh my god! Why is he here? Did he find out about my past already?  Did Jenni inform them about me trying to meet Roohi?”  these questions made Cyrus’s head ache worse, which was still covered with bandage with big red spots on his forehead.  He tried to get up from his bed not knowing how to react when Shekhar entered his room.

“No..No..Just relax.  I am Shekar, btw.  We were involved in a terrible accident.  I am not going to go into details of it and not talk about who was responsible.  I just want to make sure that you are alright and we can talk on other details later” 

Cyrus breathed a little easier, realizing that Shekhar did not know about the past and broke a smile realizing the irony of the whole situation.  

“Thanks Shekar for admitting me at the hospital and being there with me the whole night.  I don’t know how to thank you for your act towards a stranger”  

“Please.  I am partly responsible for you being here today.  So it becomes my duty to undo what I have done to you.  Anyways, get over the thanking spree.  I called you dad again and made sure that he is updated on the happening.  I am sure he would have called and checked up on you.  He is on his way to Mumbai as we speak”  

“Yea, I spoke to his this morning.  Thanks for doing all that”  

“I thought we were over the thanking thing” giggled Shekar, and continued “oh by the way, I checked with the Doctor and he said you should be out of here in the next 48 hours.  So I am going to invite you and your family to our home for a dinner.  We ourselves are packing our bags to go to Kerala in few days - so we want to host you guys before we leave.  I hope that is fine”  

Cyrus was touched with Shekar’s reciprocation of humility.  He nodded as a sign of acceptance shying away.

“Ok, I need to rush back home.  Have to wrap up some assignments for my project in Kerala. See you at our house.  Feel better” - Shekar rushed away.

Then it hit Cyrus.  What if Roohi sees him at their house and identifies his as the person who met her in her school?  "How can I even start to explain why I was there meeting Roohi?”  Cyrus’s confusion began.


“Shekar, taste this panner and tell me if this is cooked properly.  Oh, also turn off the Rajma, I think it is done”  Tara’s was getting ready to host Cyrus and his family.  

Adopted parents of Rohi were getting ready to host the biological father of Roohi.  Life does these crazy things to us sometimes.

“Shekar, its 7:30PM, were they not supposed to be here already?  Can you check on them please?  I have to finish Roohi’s packing for our trip tomorrow”

“I am trying to call him honey.  He is not picking up the phone.  Wait, let me try his dad’s number”  Shekar dials Cyru’s dad’s number - “Ah yea, hello Sir, we are eagerly expecting you.  Are you on your way already?”

“Yea Shekar, I am so sorry for making you wait.  Actually I was about to call you.  I just got a call from Delhi informing me that my mother slipped in our bathroom and has fractured her leg.  Me and Cyrus and actually rushing back to the airport to catch the flight.  Everything happened so suddenly that we did not have time to notify you.  I deeply apologize sir”  

“oh, I am so sorry to hear that.  No problem.  Please travel safe and my wishes for your mother’s speedy recovery.  Take care sir, and say my wishes to your son as well”

Meanwhile sitting in the hospital “Why did you want me to lie to the man who helped you Cyrus?”  enquired his dad

“Papa, that is the man who hit me with his car.  It is because of him I had to suffer all these.  He is trying to make up for what he has done to me.  He is lucky that I am not pressing charges against him”  Cyrus tried to fake an angry face to his dad.  He had done it before.  Lie to his parents.  He has done this before.  Chicken out from facing a difficult situation.  This was not a new scenario for him.  

“Sometimes I don’t understand you beta.  Why did you accept his invitation in the first place then?”  his dad shows his discomfort on how he handled the situation.

“Don’t worry dad.  I will handle this.  I have some more work here in Mumbai, which I will take care of for the next few weeks.  I will see you in Delhi after that.  ok?”  

Meanwhile in Shekar’s house, “Tara, I just spoke to them.  They are apparently rushing to Delhi to attend a medical emergency.  I guess we have the all the food for ourselves now”

“I am not sure if I should be mad for this - but I cooked all this for nothing?  Anyways, Roohi, come one lets have dinner and get to our packing right after it”

“What time are we taking the flight tomorrow Shekar?”

“We catch the Trivandrum flight tomorrow morning at 10AM!” 

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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