Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Orkut Ananthanarayanan

Orkut Ananthanarayanan

It was another day for Ananthu, his alarm waking every one in his building up- except him, his 2 minute shower, cereal bar on the go, vetti browsing at work, pretending to work when his manager passes by, flirting with his next cube hottie, asking too many questions during the team meetings, collecting $2 from his team members to play mega million, trying to ask all his technical questions to google, listening to his ipod on his way home…..nothing changed in his boring routine, until that evening, when his friend introduced him to Orkut community.

Ananthu started exploring the community slowly. Initially he was dumb-enough to scrap in his own scrap book, thinking that he was replying to his friend, and things like that-but slowly he learnt. Within a week, he was in a community-adding spree. There were all sort of community displayed on his profile—Adayar school, Madras college, Chicago college, captain vijayakanth, Rajni fans, Iyer, Iyengar, Vadagalai, Thenkalai, Echa Kalai (he joined this group accidentally), simran, nayanthara, Jennifer garner, Jlo, Beyonce, Indian Lesbians (this was no damn accident, he is just sick), SnoopDog, American singles, Python, Java, Southpark, opensource, Lok Pavithran, artificial intelligence, kalki, john Gresham, starbucks, manirathnam, peterjackson……..u name it and you will find it in his communities.

His friends were also increasing as fast as his community affiliations. He was 100% trusty and totally cool according to his so-called friends, whom he never met before. He had lotsa testimonials, most of them written by himself be signing on with a different id. He now knows to get all the information about a person by just looking at their community affiliations.

Ananthu still wakes up late, takes 2 min shower, rushes to his office, pretends when his manager walks by, but now he spends some quality time with Orkut at his work place.

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madhu said...

nice, but not as good as the previous one