Tuesday, June 13, 2006



I just came out of boring sunday, looking at the computer and tv screens repeatedly for 9 hours. the next day when I was just looking at my search history in the Google toolbar drop-down, I was taken by surprise! Why did I ask all those to Google brother? It was shocking to see the variety of searchs that I did on that day. I am seriously scared now !

The following are the searches(In the same order) that I made on that day, and I swear, I did not make up any of the following.

  • acting school India
  • rip music from DVD
  • how to get hijack log
  • remove safetyuptodate
  • asdf
  • us maps
  • hips dont lie lyrics
  • xml add-in in excel2003
  • labcorb baltimore
  • lok pavithran
  • mor kuzhambu recipe
  • free us weekly subscription
  • usweekly
  • India hiv count
  • sierra wireless VOQ phone
  • tamil matrimony
  • jay chandrashekar
  • tech deals
  • Geisha
  • top jobs in us by location
  • vpn hack
  • so sick mp3 free download
  • google interview questions
  • data source websphere settings
  • db connection pool

What is your list?

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