Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nayanthara Falls

Nayanthara Falls

"Cheppandi.cheppandi..cheppandi", "Pampisthanu", "ikkada ra", "betha falllsuu"...These were probably the most heard words at the NIAGARA at the present time. If you are there during a long weekend, then these would be the ONLY words that you will hear. There are occasional "machis and mamus" here and there, but by and large our telugu friendsuuu. Its probably the hugeness of the falls that's attracting us, and in turn generating huge revenue for the state. In other words "Pettha Fallsuu...Pethha laabam"
30 year old parents bringing their 2 year olds and their 65 year olds, and trying to manage both at the same time. Two years from now we may probably see people carrying tamarind and lemon rice in a huge stainless steel containers and having it in the background of the falls. Niagara is this close to becoming west side "Kutralam". The same venkata ramana and ravi are here too, but wearing jean and t shirt.
The parking lot was filled with Fords and GMCs rather than the usual Toyotas and Hondas, explaining the fact that most of us rent and not drive their own car, thus playing safe. The frustration could be seen on the faces of those 25+ year old single guys, looking at the newly wed couples easily out numbering the former. They vented out their frustration by passing comments on the new brides.
The few Americans that were present there were like "wat the hell is goinon?" but we, as usual, did not give a shit about what they think.
The state of New York is taking tremendous measures to increase the desi visitors, since its a matter of huge revenue.
The state has passed a bill for renaming the falls to please the south Indian crowd. From now on Niagara Falls would be officially called as Nayanthara Falls.

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Madhu said...

nice one da mams, that ( and not giving me a visa 4 years ago) is what is putting me off from visiting the states. will soon be there with a bang, i have seen the niagra from the canadian side, it is a lot bigger from should do that too when you get a chance.