Tuesday, August 15, 2006


What the hell is wrong with the cricket board and the three countries?? Why are they even evaluating the security situation?
South Africa's national team will stay in Sri Lanka until Thursday pending an independent security review after a fatal bomb blast in Colombo."

"India practice amid tight security

There was a bombing which killed 60 kids(?!), and the Srilankan government is anticipating a retaliation on the Srilankan public schools, hence declared a holiday for the next two weeks.

Who Exactly wants to watch Cricket at this point. Cancel the F**king Series you Idiots!!!!!


Madhu said...

I think we should not budge to terrorism, we need to fight it by being united against these f*in terrorists. as the old saying goes..."united we stand, divided we fall"

also, the schools are closed, the kids are staying at home, they need entertainment, so what's wrong with playing a little cricket.

Ramji said...

Even though I totally agree with the "united we stand, divided we fall" statement, I am afraid that may be a little Jingoistic in this context.

Look at the extra security that the Lankan government is spending on the players....escorting them frm hotel, for their practice and so on...

What I am saying is when you are under attack, reduce all the risks of any further attacks. Dont put 20,000 people at one place and invite them......nyways the cricket will not be fun anymore if the match is guarded by 1000 cops around...

So you are saying English government should have allowed hand baggages to the air planes at the day of the threat? I dont think that is being afraid, but playing smart and safe!

Ramji said...


If you have not seen already

The Srilankan daiy s cannot get childish than this...

One statement from devilliers explains everything.
"I'm prepared to give everything while playing for South Africa, but not my life."