Saturday, August 19, 2006

Veecharuva in a Vending Machine!

Veecharuva in a Vending Machine!

part two... comes out December 2007.... "monkeys on a plane" dont miss it... i wonder what the third part is going to be called Snails on a BusZombies on a PlaneZombies on a TrainZombies on a BusPretty much zombies on anything...

Nah, the cool thing about it being on a plane is that once you're in the air, it's a lot harder to get off. You can easily stop a train or a bus, but you can't stop a plane in mid-air. Pretty much the only other confined spaces you can't get out of once they're in action are boats and submarines.
Bears on a Submarine!
beavers on a hovercraft.S
nakes on a boat and ladies in the water"Snakes In The Rain", which is a romantic comedy, featuring an all snake cast.
monkeys on a plane
Drunks on a yacht
gays on a gondola
Pigs on a Yacht!P
enguins on a Spaceshuttle
killer dildos on a train
Hornets on a School
BusCats on an Ice Cream Truck.
Ironside on a wheelchair
Ants in my pants

Grandmas in the hot tub, Carrot top in a blimp, and watching Little Man with The Wayans brothers on a plane (in like a week when they start showing it on flights). ahhhhhh!
toothpaste, bottled water, make up, shampoo, and contact solution on a plane.

Goats on a Boat! It rhymes!Gophers on a Golf Cart
Mel Gibson on a Jihad
monkeys on a plane - They did that movie already. It's called "Air Force One.
Broke Back Mountain dudes in your room
Snakes in a Gay Bar.
Gorillas in a pop corn machine

Special thanks: The dude who writes crazy reviews for these crazy films.

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