Friday, September 15, 2006


Nars-ayatharthamLife of Narasiman after Nichayathartham

Narsi was a perfect bachelor roommate anybody could ask for. He was smart, funny, talkative, drunkard and chick crazy. We always loved his company and was fun being around him. Our Fridays began at 6 in the evening and lasted until next day 7. He was the one who taught us how to get a chick at the dance floor(Be patient, look out for the drunk ugly chick, go dance with her whole night...Was his theory and it worked pretty well, every darn time).
Lets just stop right here about how cool Narsi was, cause that is not the point I am trying to make.

Narsi was 26, the youngest in his family and had no freaking commitments whatsoever. His brother was happily married and Narsi's parents started targeting their second lad for the holy matrimony.

So the 'Filtering' process began. By the way did I mention that he was working in California as a software ....(lets just say he was working)

There were two girls whom Narsi rejected, cause they were over qualified for him....And there were 45 other girls who rejected Narsi, cause for some reason they thought that the would not be the exact orthodox brahmin guy they were looking for(They could guess that some how).
He finally ends up on a doctor lady, who specializes on gums ( geez dude, its called a 'Dentist'). Things would not be the same anymore........
All of a sudden, he finds himself engaged. He is confused, happy, sad...Everything at the same time. He regrets his decision on getting married one day and enjoys it the other. He gets a laptop computer for the lady, installs skip, gets a new razr phone, charges his reliance card for 200 dollars...and makes sure that at any point, he has a source of communication with his would be better half.

And on the other side of the world, there is a girl sitting filled with all those dreams to coming to America, about her new life, about her higher studies here and what not. The first week conversation was perfect. They both felt that this was the best person that they can ever get in their life. Narsi has already changed his laptop wallpaper, cell phone wallpaper, screen saver to the Girl's picture. Things were different for his room mate and he felt Narsi was behaving wierd nowadays.

Narsi started talking for 8 hours straight, and the conversation would go something like this....."hmm....tell me....ya...I am eating....ah?...ya...sambar and am washing my plate now....w%395##9544(he was talking even while drinking water)....walking down the steps....hello.......hello.........hello........"The phone disconnects. Rings back."Ya....finished walking down the steps.......I don't remember how many steps I I did not count them.....ya.....what did you have for breakfast......."
and the freaking conversation continues every darn day.

His room mate openly asked this question. "Narsi, why do you have to explain every shitty thing that you do to the girl?? Don't you have any thing better to talk about?"
Narsi got pissed and replied.."You will not understand the feeling. you have to be in love". Dude, what the hell are you talking about? How can you love a female that you have not even met a single freaking time? But there was no point in continuing that conversation with Narsi, as it was so obvious that he had gone nuts after Nichayathartham.

There was no fun anymore in the house. Narsi, seldom comes out of his room and even if he does, he is on the phone with the future bride. He stopped hanging out on Friday nights and continued donating money to the Reliance brothers.
Narsi now plans to buy a house in a remote village in California, and would start mingling with the family people. He would also never introduce his wife to his friends as they have openly critiqued his selection.

We all know that life would never be the same again, and the Adventures of single Narsi would be missed.


Anonymous said...

probably should change to "nuts-ayadhartham " - santo

Ramji said...


Wonderful suggestion. Cannot get a better title than this.
Thanks dude

Madhu said...

mams, namma narasi ya pathhiya ezhudhiirukkae ? avan kalyanam love marriage illa ?

Vani said...

nice post ...