Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A R Rahman Back to Basics

A R Rahman Back to Basics

Did you have a chance to listen to 'GURU' soundtrack? If not you should give it a shot.

No complicated music and no loud sounds either. Its all good old melody, and its really great to hear Rahman keeping things simple, literally, in terms of the instruments he uses. He prob did that cause it is a period flick, but it definitely works...Big time.

He kinda started going back to basics with his "Munbe Vaa" from Sill(une)endru oru kaathal.

Barso Re, a very fine start of the soundtrack (remembers you of Revathi singing 'oh oh megam vanthatho' from Mouna Raagam).....I can already imagine 'thalaivi' Aish singing in the rain, prob imitating Revathi, given that its Mani whos behind the scenes on both of them.

The one that stands out is the 'Ay Hairathe' by Hariharan and Alka. Its like one of those 80's number from Illaiyaraja, where a song is majorly dominated by a soft tabla in the background. Everything really comes together in this melody. This starts with a intoxicating humming by Rahman himself. love it.

'Ek lo Ek muft' is also a worth a mention. Especially the 'Joiya Joiya' and the 'Emo Emo Emo le' humming. Totally gets you the very first time you hear, and has its rural touch. Most of all, it has drunk bappi lahri and Chitra(she really rocks in this song)

I never thought I would write a music review, but this one kinda dragged me in. Hearing it at least twice a day.

Rahman, where were you dude? missed ya.... and Welcome Back!!!!!

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