Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Miss Atlantic Slutty

Sam, Pat, Kyle, Randy and
Miss Atlantic Slutty

Ranganathan was turning 25, and he and his friends decided to spend the night at the Atlantic City. So Randy, as he likes to call himself, and his friends pat (pattabiraman), sam (saminathan) and kyle (kylasaraman) started their road trip from upstate
new York down to the city of lights.

“I have been eying on the 52 inch HDTV for a long time now, and tonight I will win the money for it” started the optimistic pat, about his plans on the money that he was about to win. Each one had their prospective plans. Kyle wanted the 30 Gig video ipod and Sam wanted the full season on South park, and the frugal Randy wanted to save a bunch of money on his NRI account. Well, that killed about an hour on their drive, which had a couple left.

In no time The Taj Mahal, Caesars, Bally’s and Trump Plaza were smiling at them, with the spectacular lightning all around. It was really early for the guys to realize that it was a cruel trap. They decided to go to the Caesars, cause for some reason they think Taj Mahal always takes money and never gives a thing!!

Why are all the casinos filled with Chinese or the H1B Indians or the 86 + white females? Is there any special reason why these three breeds are attracted towards that place more than anybody else? Nyways…….As soon as they entered, every one picked the game they are good at( I never understood why someone had to be GOOD at anything that you GAMBLE at). It was poker for Pat, roulette was for Kyle, Blackjack for Sam and the Texas Tornado for Randy (for people who didn’t know, Texas Tornado is a popular 5 Cent slot game at Caesars)

Thirty minutes later, they met near the Sic Bo table….and this is how the conversation went
Randy : 75
Sam : 100
Pat : 85
Kyle : 140

They were exchanging the amount they lost in half hour. There are some moments were you are extremely pissed at yourself for loosing, that you start blaming the Casino for having some conspiracy to get all your money. You just want to grab the dealer by his shirt and slap him real hard, probably spit on his face……well….its just anger mixed with frustration, that made them think that way.

But the free Heineken came to their rescue, and it was served by Miss Atlantic Slutty. See, this is how they get you….they will get u high with the booze and the ladies. Kyle thought he should at least drink up for all the money that he lost so far……he was on his 4th rum and coke already.

All four of them went on to hit the Crabs table. For some reason, this is the only game that no Desi ever dares to play, for the obvious reason that this is hard to get!!!
These dudes did not want to be the stereotypical brown asses. So they wanted to try their luck on the Crabs. They just kept rolling and rolling, and had no idea whether there were winning or loosing…….there went the seven and they were informed that they lost. They had to walk away from the table helplessly.

Four of them were now tired and penniless. They had spent the last 5 hours and 550 dollars on trying to make their life better. While walking out of the gambling place, they felt that the hard earned (?!) money is something that is not worth gambling on…….no wait……..they see a sign near the Trump plaza….and it read “Awarded the luckiest casino for four straight ears—Bellagio, NV”. It was a perfect mouse trap for four people at distress.

All four of them had one thing to say
“Dude… Let’s hit Las Vegas next weekend and win all our money that we lost in this unlucky place”
Some people will never learn…..will they?

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Anonymous said...

Kk - yep The booze and the skimpy ladies. I must've lost a 1000-2000 dollars. There's-free early breakfast though if you make It through the late hours.