Friday, September 11, 2015

Death by Thousand Corrects

Rahul was very depressed. He would stand before the mirror every day and cry for 30 minutes.  He had every thing going for him. He was smart, had a caring family, had a well paying job, but still on top of his head, he still felt like his life lacked the color that that he had few years before. 

That day he decided that he cannot take this anymore.  He thought the world was unfair towards him. His door bell rang. There was this Amazon package with brand new set of knifes with shiny black handles along with few other items.  “Oh God, are you with me on my decision?” he cannot help but think.  He turned on his TV, and out of nowhere, there was this Guru giving a speech about how meaningless one's life would be without the colors that nature had to offer.  This was getting way too coincidental for him.  On his head, taking away all the misery and greyness in his life was the best available option he had . 

He stood in front of the mirror and talked to himself crying "Rahul, there is no way out for your depressed life.  Just die.  You cannot survive in this judging world which sees things simply as black and white.  People die everyday, they are not cowards.  They are just being practical and they teach the world a lesson for being mean.  Just die Rahul.  This is it. Just die"

He took the Amazon box he picked up minutes before.  There it was waiting for him to take them on his hands and cut it open.  He opened the brand new box of Godrej Nature Care hair dye that his wife ordered for him along with the knife set. Greyness was about to become a thing of the past on his life.

Did I say die? Stupid Autocorrect!

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