Friday, September 04, 2015

Seat Reservations!

Today during my train commute, I had a lady come sit beside me and she was immediately uncomfortable. She looked around and switched to another seat in the same car.  I didn't care.

Next a dude came in and sat for 2 seconds and started looking out for other available seats.  He made the walk to next train car to find a spot.

This happened again and same reaction from that lady as well.  I was very upset. I started sniffing my clothes in desperation.  Nothing. I could not get why people will just walk away after sitting beside me for 2 seconds.  It made me upset, sad and to some extent neglected - even though we are talking about total strangers. I almost wanted to stop them and ask what the hell is wrong with this seat or me!

I wanted some answers.  I looked back. There was a homeless man sitting beside me (he must have sat there after I boarded).  He had 8 layers of clothing on him and from the looks of it he would not have showered for a week minimum.

He gave me a look and had a grin on his face, as if telling me that " you feel what I have to go through every day, on top of not having no money, food or place to shower?".  I could not stand the 2 minutes of neglect from total strangers.  I realized he goes through that as a daily job.

I quietly switched my seat and sat beside him.  I also thanked god for taking away all my smell sensors cause I could not smell a thing, even as the new person who occupied my old seat could retain his seat for just 1 minute!

PS-  I'm hoping the homeless dude is not writing the same post about me. You know, it could still be me. I'm very confused. 

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